I'm so excited for this years Art Outside Festival in Austin. It's always one of my favorite experiences of the year, and this year they have an array of new surprises in Music, Performance, and Visual Art, including the new stage show I'm directing with Crash Alchemy. Check out our discount code for tickets. "crash".

The new show features unbelievable dancers, top-notch aerialists, fire artists and character performers in a narrative-driven musical performance. For some of the show, we'll be merging the worlds of performance, fine art, and technology using projection mapping, real-time interactive video, and interactive animation. Check out our new promo video here:


Plus, on the eve of unveiling a new show I am directing at Art Outside, I just got the news that the the PBS episode covering the last show I Directed and Produced in association with Sky Candy, Land Without Evil, has been nominated for a Lonestar Emmy for Best Cultural Documentary! Feeling pretty blessed right now. The television program, Arts in Context, is unbelievable - TV that still makes you feel something magical - and I encourage you to watch more than our episode. Here's the link to our episode, "Sky Candy".



Crash Alchemy, my new performance collective, has specially crafted a new 30 minute stage show for Art Outside 2013, to be performed Friday night on the Main Stage at 8:30pm. Art Outside has generously given us a $10 discount on weekend passes using the discount code "crash" at:


Here's why your friends and family and fans should go to Art Outside:

The price. Tickets are only $80 with the code for the entire weekend, including free parking and water onsite. It is family-friendly, and kids under 12 are free. You will camp there, but the grounds are mild, green, and easily walkable, shaded, and clean. There are hotels 15 minutes drive away if you have people who prefer that. There are also free showers at the venue. There are also RV passes available. That's 3 nights of camping - so cheap.

Lot's of cool art. Art Outside has an amazing array of visual art pieces and installations from all over the United States, as well as a kick-ass gallery. Plus tons of live painters of all kinds, from fine art to street art.

Lot's of music of all kinds. There will be 3 stages - the main stage has a variety of music, including some hip-hop, progressive and alternative live music, folk, funk, and electronic. There will also be a dome with electronic music - mostly mid-tempo to chill bass, glitch, trap, eastern, physch, visionary stuff. No ravers or house music or techno. There will be a custom-deigned folk stage of epic proportions with a mix of quality folk, world, roots, americana, comedy, and vaudeville. The music will have good options nearly 24 hours a day, plus there are workshops and classes, plus some spoken word, comedy, and performance :)

It's easy and reasonable to survive there. You can bring food or buy from vendors. They are reasonably priced unlike most festivals, and all local privately owned little vendors.

Crash Alchemy is doing an amazingone of a kind show there. Trust us, it's a good one and of a scale to not be produced at most events in Austin. Come on out an experience it with us!

See you at Art Outside!


As a perfect cap to my presentation on Land Without Evil and Collaborative Art for Community and Individual Healing at Fractal Planet, I gave one of my first aerial performances since my accident, with genius songwriter and Thom Yorke/Elton John musical love-child, Robbie Fitzsimmons. Check out this video of the performance. Enjoy!

Off to Burning Man for the first time in eight years! If you are also on your way, and if you have not yet been able to see the video of Land Without Evil, annnnndddd you would like to…… I will be screening the edited closing night performance and speaking about Collaborative Art for Community Healing at Fractal Planet 10pm Friday night with Land Without Evil author Matthew Pallamary. We'd love to see you there :) The full schedule is at the link below:

While I am out of commumication and soaking in all the inspiration and participation of the Playa, there are two pretty citing and important things happening in Austin and beyond that I'd love to tell you about


Clever Maven submitted a proposal for SXSW Interactive 2014 workshop "Co-creating an Interactive Flashmob" with co-presenters Illuminode - a wearable technology company and voting is up online until the first week of September. This two-part activity will allow participants to co-create an interactive transmedia flashmob in the workshop, and will then execute the flashmob with the help of some interactive technology experts. If you get a chance, check it out and give us a *thumbs up if you like it.


Motion Graphics - 3D - Video - After Effects, Concept Art

Clever Maven and Crash Alchemy is looking for a content team to work with on some upcoming gigs, proposals, and a new live show as part of the team working with Crash Alchemy and Clever Maven superstar, Datagrama. You can check out the call at the image below. The link to the application form is included in the Call. We are really looking for people that want to think outside of the box and that want to innovate with us! Any questions can be directed to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Here's the info:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
And the Application:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Hi There Friends!  ust wanted to let you know about a couple cool things upcoming in Austin and beyond:


I am so grateful to be confirmed to present the video of Land Without Evil and speak about Collaborative Art Projects and Community Healing this year at Fractal Planet at Burning Man.    Please support their fundraising Campaign by visiting



Summer in Austin is hot and bright - come chill out July 31st in Austin at this charity event put on by some friends of mine. Bizarre Noir - s
ponsored by Dos Equis - Culinary rarities, interesting music and performance, and a Noir dress theme - dark and dapper....   This event is FREE door, food, and beverages, but you must RSVP at:


Scheduled in Austin, TX September 27/28.  The first one was unbelievable - cutting-edge interactive performance, projection mapping, Wine Jesus, and an Epic Marshmallow fight.  Don't miss the next one.   Save the date and stay tuned for ticketing info.

I am an artist!! And so are you...

Agent Red was a name given to me many years ago for so so many reasons that fit. One main reason I feel close to my names is that at the time, I identified with myself as a someone who's purpose it was to spread "benevolent propaganda", to open the potential for positive change through the malleable state of entertainment. When we are being entertained, we are open and vulnerable to change and impression, there is an opportunity for positivity and learning in that space. Now I see things a little bit deeper, and am pushing further from entertainment toward the realms of experience and interaction. Giving the "audience" responsibility to interact, using technology to make it simple and extend the reach, and using expression, art, and design as the endless medium under it all. 

I am currently inspired to focus on directing performances, experiences, and interactive shows, events, and installations through Clever Maven, continuing evolutions of Land Without Evil, and a new project in Austin, Crash Alchemy.

Crash Alchemy is where performance, music, fine art, and technology merge in an interactive environment. We are so excited to be previewing our amazing new cast and some new material in a preview of this new kind of event in Austin, TX on May 18, 2013.


Plus, I am finally finished editing the entire full-length performance of Land Without Evil on video and we'll be screening it as well on the 18th! We know more than a few people missed the original performance, or have a new interest inspired by the PBS Arts in Context episode. This video will not be put online anytime soon and this screening is an exclusive chance to see the entire show. Crash Alchemy will be creating an interesting environment for guest and it promises to be an amazing an unique experience. An RSVP is required to attend this private event at a secret East Austin location. See you on the 18th!!



The PBS' Arts in Context episode focusing on Sky Candy and Land Without Evil premiered in Austin on KLRU on January 31st at 7:30pm, watch it below!

We'll be sure to let you know the national air date when we know more, as well as keep you updated on the release of videos and other media from the show.

Watch Sky Candy on PBS. See more from KLRU.

If you haven't been able to check my recent news, Land Without Evil is a narrative driven aerial theatre and multimedia experience I adapted from award winning novel by Matthew Pallamary and Co-produced and Co-directed with Sky Candy in Austin, TX. And our first run in Austin was amazing.

Stephen Moser from the Austin Chronicle said,

"There were moments of sheer brilliant magic
that left me gasping for breath."


Wow. As if it isn't inspiring enough to collaborate with such a talented group of performers, musicians, and artists... The reaction to the show has been overwhelming so far and I can't wait to see what's ahead!


New Song, New Album,
and an Austin Music Award?

Land Without Evil Performer and musical contributor Morgan Sorne, also known as SORNE, has some news: the first single from his new album just previewed online. Listen to it here.


The Austin Chronicle's Poll is currently running to determine the winners of the 2013 Austin Music Awards. SORNE did very well in votes last year, and they have a great chance of taking home an award this year for Best Band, Experimental, Rock, Musician, Album, or Single. Vote for them here




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